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“This book is THE best thriller I have ever read. From the first chapter to the very end you were on the edge of your seat. I could not put it down and there were many nights I actually laid awake wondering what was going to happen next. Mule was exciting, thrilling and suspenseful. The characters were so interesting and the story line was excellent.”                               Leslie

As the story progresses unexpected twists in the plot make you wonder what the next few pages will bring. I enjoyed the way the story flowed back and forth keeping your interest peaked at all times. The mystery, danger and suspense kept me craving for more making this book difficult to put down.”                                         Sylvie                     

“First book by Peter Parkin and what a book, fast paced, tense and thoroughly enjoyable. No matter what you think the book also makes you think outside the box. Looking forward to his next two books.”

                         John J., Bambrough, UK,

“I read a lot of this type of book, mostly by the big names. Mule was not out of place.

A captivating story with plenty to test you.”

                                       Hugh F.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the "adventure" which was is an excellent ride-for-the-mind. The twists and turns which take you through some of the never-to-be-forgotten moments in our history often left you saying....whoa...I never saw that coming!! Good job Mr. Parkin....I so look forward to Book #2                                  Wendy.

“Turns out I was looking for another recently published novel that has the word "Mule" in the title, when I accidentally bought this. It started slow with some seemingly far-fetched scenarios, and the characters seemed a little too "perfect-hot" in the beginning. But, boy, did this thing get rolling and what a fun ride overall! It kept me up for a couple of nights till I was done! From a style standpoint it had hints of Dan Brown (mystery twists and turns with decent research) and Clive Cussler (exotic locales and smart-hot-capable characters...including the dog)! I would love to read another Jack Howser novel!”

                                          C.T., California

Can't say enough about this book. …

The character development is exemplary. Very well crafted, realistic and believable, the characters really come alive as the story develops.  The twists and turns will keep you guessing and the interesting facts interwoven in the story will have you searching Google for the truth...

A thoroughly enjoyable read from which you will have trouble tearing yourself away.

                                             J.M.W., UK

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“I loved this book.  It is easy to follow;you don't need to go back 10 chapters to figure out bit characters that rarely show up.

There are lots of twists and unexpected turns that kept me interested and I could not wait to see what was going to happen next.

It is unbelievable to me that this is his first novel.  I can't wait for his next one.”


Memorial Day had always been a special occasion for Dr. Sandford (Sandy) Beech and his precious family, filled with innocent pleasures like ice cream, clowns, and street performers in the warm Boston sunshine. Most heartwarming of all were the smiles of his lovely wife and two children as they joined together to celebrate one of the most sacred of American holidays.

But one fateful Memorial Day Sandy learns first-hand how a blessed life can transform to horror in the blink of an eye. Forced to look at his life through a different lens, Sandy is surprised to find the lens itself changing focus after an unexpected encounter with a former classmate and nemesis, now a prominent politician edging closer and closer to the Oval Office.

As Sandy begins to connect the dots in a mystery that puts his friends in grave danger and threatens his own life, his need for revenge and justice evolves into something he never could have imagined.

Sandy’s life becomes a chess game, careening perilously towards a chilling and insidious checkmate that might not actually be the end of the game.          

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