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The story line captured me right from the beginning and it was non-stop action and intrigue right until the very end…………

Peter Parkin and Alison Darby knocked it out of the park with this one…………….

An interesting and twisting tale of intrigue and aliens ……………

Because I thoroughly enjoyed Mr.Parkin's previous books - Mule and Metro Cafe,  I waited patiently for his next writing and am I glad I didn't miss out on this read!!! Skeleton does not disappoint!! Once again this author took my mind down a road it would not have travelled on it's own ....… Wow again!!                                             Wendy

As with Peter Parkin's other books - Mule, Metro Café and Headhunter, I was totally thrilled with Skeleton. The characters are great, and the plot was amazing. Another book that I simply could not put down. I will never look at the moon the same! And the ending will blow you away.  Look forward to Peter's next book.  Thanks again for an amazing read!!
                                             Sindy M

“Interestingly unusual and fast paced story; the authors' best novel to date! No hesitation in recommending this book to other readers.”

                David C., Burlington, Ontario

What a fantastic read! Thrilling and scary from cover to cover! Great action sequences and scarily plausible themes ...very good novel!

I have read all of Peter Parkin's 3 books to date and each one gets better than the prior one. He has a style that is full of twists, but also is not so complex that you lose track of who is who so it is always easy to follow the story line even if you put the book down for a few days.

The great thing about Peter Parkin’s yarns is that they skillfully take you to a fantasy world that could easily match real life.  In the case of Skeleton, as with his other books, I sure hope I am wrong about that. But who knows?
                                   Rae, Okotoks AB

Enjoyed the pace and descriptiveness of this book. Excellent character development and flashbacks. Found myself looking up some of the events and places while I was reading it.

“Great book. Couldn’t put it down. Lots of action, twists and turns to keep you gripped all the way to the last page.”

                             Clarice T., UK

Loved this book, great story line and characters. Fast paced, action packed. I hope to see more from these two authors obviously a great collaboration. Would make a great movie!
                                                Marilyn C

“Fast paced and lots of twist, and how can you not appreciate a tale about what the government is doing behind your back.”


I loved this book from front to end. Peter Parkin and Alison Darby spin a tale of love, government corruption and good overcoming evil. It had me on the edge of my seat wanting more. I highly recommend this book!
                                Linda Seder, Florida

Several decades have passed since the Korean War. For one veteran, Willy Carson, the horrors live on. Compelled by a need to exorcise his demons, he has sculpted haunting effigies that tell a silent tale.

Willy became a rich man by keeping his promise to never breathe a word of those memories to anyone.  

But, happenstance and fate have decided to intervene. Something is causing a manifestation in Willy that will open the door to an unimaginable horror that only a handful of people know about. A group of handpicked elites that was formed back in 1947 for one express purpose-to suppress certain information by any means necessary. That original group, and their heirs over several generations, have been privy to the reasons why people like Willy Carson had to suffer in silence.

While billions of people around the globe struggle daily with the horrifying events that nature and the planet seem to be thrusting upon them, a small circle of the most privileged know what’s really happening...and why. The truth about secrets is that they can rarely be kept. Inevitably, a special someone comes along whose conscience overcomes the moral struggle……… And dares to challenge that age-old question: ‘Is it sometimes better not to know?’

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Majestic was another great book by Peter and Alison. The story line captured me right from the beginning and it was non-stop action and intrigue right until the very end. I love the main characters Allison and Wyatt, and the authors did a great job of really letting the reader get to know them. There is a wonderful mix of fact and fiction that made me wonder at times if I knew the difference. Once I started reading it was really hard to put down and I highly recommend this book, especially to all the sci-fi and thriller lovers. A Great Read !!!

                                                                         Sindy M.

An interesting and twisting tale of intrigue and aliens, you won't want to put 'Majestic' down! I recommend this book to all sci-fi and thriller lovers.

                                                             Liliyana Shadowlyn

Peter Parkin and Alison Darby knocked it out of the park with this one. An intense ride start to finish. Such a realistically imaginative story which is what makes it terrifying. A must for any thriller or sci-fi fans.


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